Purple Stairs

Acutely aware of recurring issues that discourage sought-after talent from seeking new opportunities, Purple Stairs transforms the traditional hiring approach into something better. Intent on overhauling the system, we present state-of-the-art options to counter the challenges, while simplifying the entire process.

Purple Stairs uses an advanced process by incorporating a safety feature into its software to enable candidates to block information they do not wish to share. Candidates can hide their identity, place of employment and other details until they are comfortable sharing it with specific employers. Moreover, our focus in accentuating both hard and soft skills as well as job preferences, unleashes career opportunities candidates never would have been considered for.

Our platform was created for every type of candidate. Our innovative safety-feature enables currently employed individuals to list on our site as well.

Purple Stairs is not just a cookie-cutter, black-and-white job board. We’re a revolution in the industry, designed as a staircase to advancement, elevating you to the next rungs of your career.

While every candidate has control over masking certain information, a hiring employer can submit a request for unmasked access. Once the request is granted by the candidate and the information is unmasked to that employer, the candidate has the ability to remask at any time.

In a class of its own, our process ensures a safe, smooth, streamlined route to exceptional hiring, presenting opportunities that significantly grow businesses and advance careers.